How Mogi Mogi Baby Soothes Sensitive Skin

I was recently introduced to an all natural baby bath product called mogimogi baby...I just had to share! If your child has dry, itchy and/or sensitive skin, you're gonna want to learn more about this find. 

It was created by a mom who's mission was to find a natural treatment for her son's eczema. She combined organic plant-based ingredients, like Yomogi - a herb used as a holistic medicine to treat skin diseases like eczema, and mogi mogi bath pack was born! 

It's simple to use. Just place one bath pack under warm water for about a minute and gently squeeze the pack to release the bath soak into the water. The smell was just as soothing and clean. You'll notice the oat colored tub, but don't worry, it doesn't leave a stain! 

Why We Love It

We had a recent heatwave in LA which caused Ronan (my youngest) to get heat rashes. It was so bad, my poor baby was itchy all over his body. We used mogi mogi baby on him for 3 days - that was the amount in our bath pack and it was just enough to soothed his skin and help make those rashes disappear. He loved his bath and he had fun using the cotton pack as his personal washcloth. It was gentle on his scalp, face, and body...AND it was gentle enough for his toy dinosaur. :) There was no need for his body wash or his shampoo because this bath pack cleaned him as well. Its a great all-in-one product!

Try It Yourself

If you're looking for a natural bath product for sensitive skin, definitely give mogi mogi baby a try and use my special promo code: HMM15%OFF for 15% off your order. 

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