Dive Into LEGOLAND CA: Deep Sea Adventure Ride

This week, LEGOLAND California officially opened its new LEGO® City: Deep Sea Adventure submarine ride and we got to check it out! Spoiler alert: it's our new favorite ride. And here's why. 

Deep Sea Adventure is an interactive ride perfect for all ages and features more than 2,000 real sea animals, including sharks and rays! Like every LEGOLAND ride, theres a LEGO play area to keep kids busy while you wait in line and this one features step-by-step instructions to build a LEGO fish...super cool! 

Before we boarded, we got a mission briefing from a 3-foot-tall LEGO diver. Our mission: help the LEGO minifigure dive team find treasure like gems, pearls, and gold coins throughout the four minute journey with the use of interactive touchscreens - each seat has its own screen. 

My boys had so much fun finding treasure while seeing all the sea animals swim by. And yes, it got competitive, especially since you can reach one of three levels: Junior, Senior, and Master Explorer during the ride. 

After the ride, you exit through the retail shop but don't rush through (like I usually do) because the kids can build their own virtual LEGO fish and “release” it into the virtual ocean. It's super cute...and all of the LEGO elements are available for purchase.

Here's a video from our #DeepSeaAdventure experience, check it out!

For more information visit LEGOLAND.com/deepsea2018

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