What to Pack for a Family Picnic + Giveaway


Living in Southern California has it's ups and downs but one thing's for sure...the weather is beautiful throughout the year. AND we love being outdoors to soak up all that sunshine! We also enjoy eating al fresco...and that's why you can always find us having a picnic somewhere in LA...especially after a good hike!

Picnics bring the family together and its more than just an experience, you're creating memories! They can simple or extravagant. But no matter what, a little planning will help make your picnic stress-free. 

Here are a few things you'll need:


With two kids, I try to keep our picnic foods simple. Finger foods are ideal but Danny and I like to throw in some salad or pasta while the kids munch on sandwiches. Sometimes our picnics are spontaneous and we always find delicious take-to-go-meals at our local grocery store! Most of the time, our picnics consist of snacks like veggies + hummus, chips + salsa + guacamole, and cheese + charcuterie board. 

I also love to pack-up fruits that are seedless and don't require cutting! Strawberries are my jam but during the Summer, watermelons (along with lime + Tajin) are a must, so I prep the night before. Drinks are kept simple with water (flat and sparkling)...and sometimes we pack wine for a little fun. Shh. 


I love a good picnic basket and you can find them everywhere! I like the ones that come with plates and utensils, that's also big enough to hold food for a family of four. Insulted bags also great - I use use those for picnics on the beach. Whatever you use, make sure to include ice packs to keep your foods cold, especially during warm weather. 


Picnics can get messy, so be prepared! And regardless if its a gloomy day, be sure to apply sunblock! 


Location is important for a family picnic. We don't want the kids to be bored and start whining. Look for a place that the kids will have fun to run around and play. Bonus if it comes with a scenic view!


I love to have our picnics while sitting on a beautiful blanket on grassy field. And blankets from Little Big Bee is a favorite of ours. I use them as a picnic blanket for the kids and (because I have several) to keep them warm during cool nights. These blankets go everywhere with us, from road trips to plane rides, and they don't take up a lot of room. They're soft, comfy and machine washable. They also make the perfect baby shower gift! 

Hope this inspires you have a family picnic! Oh and Happy National Picnic Day! 


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