Happy Place is BACK in Los Angeles

Happy Place is back and will run for a limited time from April 26 to May 27th. at its new location,  L.A. LIVE! I didn't get a chance to visit the pop-up the first time around, but I was told its BIGGER, BETTER and HAPPIER than the original location.

I was invited to the media preview yesterday and took Ronan with me - for a family-friendly perspective of the experience. We had a lot of fun and if you're planning on going, here's what to expect...

Have a Happy Staff Take Your Photos

Bring your cameras, phones...and get ready to take a lot of photos! But leave your tripods and selfie sticks at home because those are not permitted. There are staff members wearing pins that say they'll help take your photos for you. YAY! No one gets left out of the photo! Also, look for Happy Place photographers wearing a wristbands with happy faces - they'll take your photos using their camera, scan your wristband, and you'll be able to download them. 

Enjoy the Happy Experience

Happy Place is located on the Event deck at L.A.Live. Strollers are not allowed inside but there is stroller parking just outside of the entrance. Before you enter the pop-up exhibits, there's a short video that everyone needs to watch, so make sure the kids pay attention to the rules. 

Each room is a different experience and it took us about an hour to go through the entire place. Be prepared to wait your turn for a photo-op because you can't come back to it once you moved on to the next room. 

Warning - Everyone will suffer from a sugar-high. :) Their are treats for everyone located in two different rooms, so be sure to grab them. There's also a place to buy treats, like Rainbow Grilled Cheese, Rainbow Popcorn, and Unicorn Sundaes at the end of exhibit! 


We parked on the West Garage at L.A. Live (Lot W, Gate E and F) which is right below the event. Its convenient and the escalator took us right to the entrance. Parking under 2 hours is $10 but if exceeded its $30!! So if you're planning on staying longer, I suggest parking outside of L.A. Live and finding a lot nearby. 


Its recommended to pre-purchase tickets online, especially if you're going as a family (don't want the kids to be disappointed) because there's a chance tickets might be sold-out at the door. 

For more tickets and more information, https://www.happyplace.me

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