Family Travel Essentials from DAISO

DAISO is my happy place. I love going in and walking through every aisle. You read correctly...every single aisle...with or without my boys in tow. If you're not familiar with DAISO, just think of it as a Japanese version of 99 Cents Only Store and Dollar Tree! I briefly talked about it in my "Sawtelle Japantown"post. 

Daiso has a cute selection of kitchen + home goods, stationary (washi tape galore), toys, beauty products, and TRAVEL. Whenever we go on a trip, this place is first on my list to shop. Since we're getting ready to go on our next family vacation, Ronan and I made a quick stop here after our "mommy and me" lunch date. 

There's an aisle dedicated to TRAVEL - where you'll find neck pillows, luggage tags, eye masks, slippers, etc. BUT don't stop there or else you'll miss out on other travel accessories like beauty travel size containers, pill cases, toothbrushes, etc. located in other aisles. This is why I walk through every I don't miss out on anything. 

 AND everything (unless listed) is $1.50!! But keep in mind, ALL SALES are FINAL and non-exchangeable. 

I try my best to pack smart for my family of four and I've learned to keep a checklist so I don't forget. On top of my list (besides Passports) are medicine and vitamins, because we all know how expensive those can be, or even worse...lack of proper medicine. So, today's haul included a pill case that's deep enough to hold vitamins and a moisture proof Panda case to hold medicine! Score. 

Scroll down to read my list of Family Travel essentials from DAISO...

Family Travel Essentials from DAISO: 

1) Laundry Bags - besides laundry, these mesh bags will help group your clothes separately from one another. 
2) Inflatable Neck Pillows
3) Socks that's warm and fuzzy for the airplane, hotel, etc. 
4) Ponchos - I like to pack these since they don't take up space, because you'll never know if you need them. 
5) TSA Approved Bottles 
6) Multi-purpose Containers - for vitamins and pills 
7) Vacuum Sealed Storage Bags
8) Mini Sewing Kit
9) Travel Toothbrushes 
10) Sketch Pads + Crayons for the kids to document their travel experience with art. 
11) Snacks - I love to stock up on Japanese snacks and treats. 

Got a favorite travel essential? Please share! 

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