New Year, New Intentions

Happy 2018! As I reflect on the challenges, accomplishments and should've, would've, could've moments of 2017, I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU for stopping by my little corner of the internet. For the past month, I have been organizing and prepping for the new bring it on 2018.


This year, I am going to continue doing what I love (blogging/content creating) and NOT be afraid to take chances. I'm going to worry less about how people may think of me...and just do me. I'm going to focus on a healthier lifestyle...and that means going on more family hikes, cooking more & eating less out, drinking more water (this is a big one), not feeling guilty with a little "me" time, and starting my day with meditation.  


I find that creating a Vision Board helps me focus and visualize my goals/intentions. Last year I hosted a Vision Board party and you can read on how to host your own, here

My biggest challenge is time management, so I bought a planner and started writing everything down. AND I mean everything from scheduling blog + social media posts a month in advance to chores and meal planning. This is a big step for me because I'm a procrastinator...and I need to be on a work/life schedule so I don't fall behind. 

Once everything is in place, I get to focus on what's important. 

Have you set your intentions for 2018? How are you making them a reality?

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  1. I too struggle with what others think of me but am freeing myself from that! Good luck putting your intentions into action!

  2. Intentional planning changed my life. Here’s to a less chaotic 2018!

  3. Last year I decided to be more intentional with everything. I was tired of feeling like life was just happening around me and I was going along fort he ride.


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