Why Every Mom Needs to Tile It

Have you ever lost something (besides your mind) while out with your kids? Well, I have...and it's no fun. Nobody likes losing stuff, especially when it's something special & important. And for me, it's my backpack/diaper bag.

When I'm out with the kids exploring, shopping, and doing just about everything with them, I rely on my backpack to hold everything I need. And I mean EVERYTHING like my wallet, keys, snacks, diapers, extra clothes...just to name a few. Yes, it's a heavy bag and now that I'm chasing a toddler, I tend to leave my backpack behind on the ground, table...who knows. 

And I've got Mommy brain, so most of the time, I forget where I left it!

So I #TileIt

Tile is the world's best-selling Bluetooth tracker that you attach to anything you don't want to lose and you keep track of it with the Tile app. When you use Tile and the Tile app, you become part of the world’s largest lost-and-found community, where friends and strangers come together to find everything that matters.

Here are some other things you can attach a Tile to: 
  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • TV Remote Control 
  • Special Toy
  • Passports

Tile comes in a variety of designs like Sports, Matte, and Slim to fit your style. For more info, visit here and check out this video about the Lost Panda...

I definitely feel more comfortable having a Tile attached to my backpack and knowing there's a community help each other find whatever they’ve lost.

Check out my video on how Tile helped me find my backpack...

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  1. I recently heard an ad about Tile, I think on the radio. I had no idea what it was. Thanks for the photos and information!


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