BOO! at the L.A. Zoo

We had a BOO-tiful time this past weekend at the Los Angeles Zoo for their annual #BOOAtTheLAZoo event...happening now through October 31, 2017 from 10 am to 4 pm. The layout for this year's event is slightly different from last year's, so make sure to grab a map when entering. AND there's lots of ghoulish photo ops, so be camera ready!

BOO at the zoo has become one of favorite things to do during Halloween. The kids have so much fun, and most importantly...they're learning. "Animals and Boo" encounters, is a daily activity where kids get a chance to learn and safely touch creatures like snakes and lizards...Oh my! And the new “Nocturnal Adventure” maze is where we got to read fun facts and trivia questions at every turn, testing our animal knowledge to avoid ‘dead’ ends!

Since we went on a weekend, we got to watch one of Caiden's favorites... "Swazzle’s Monster Menagerie" - an interactive puppet show where audience members can help select various animal features to create the ideal trick-or-treating companion for a lonely scientist. 

We also saw Gene Granata of Masterpiece Pumpkins showing off his magical pumpkin-carving skills. AMAZING.

Okay, so every time we visit the LA Zoo, we're always hoping to find the jaguar. FAIL. So the highlight from this visit was the "Fearsome Feedings" -  where carnivores devour their favorite fare – carcasses and bones. It was very cool to see but parental discretion is advised. 

Hope you're having a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween season!

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