Tiffani Thiessen Hosts NUM NOMS Series 4 Event at Au Fudge

Yesterday we had a fun and colorful time at the NUM NOMS Series 4 event hosted by Tiffani Thiessen! The event took place at Au Fudge in West Hollywood, Ca with celebrity guests like Mario Lopez, Courtney Mazza, Ian Ziering and their families.  The kids got to play with new super-cute, scented food-themed NUM NOMS characters from the Series 4 toy collection and were treated to scented beauty surprises including Glitter Lip Gloss and Scented Nail Polish as well as Lunch Box Decorating with stickers and Num Nom crowns, Nail Polish Making, Light Series Mystery Packs, Surprise In a Jar, and delicious NUM NOMS inspired donuts custom made by California Donuts.

Check out the beautiful details...

My boys had so much fun trying out the new Series 4 NUM NOMS  toys and were very lucky to take home backpacks filled with goodies from the iconic toy company. We dined on mini grilled cheese, fried chicken bites, kale salad, and sweet potato fries served by Au Fudge. YUM.

Photos by: Rachel Murray/Getty Images 

Nums Noms are super-cute, scented food-themed characters that girls can mix, match and stack with tons of characters to display, trade and collect. Num Noms Series 4 collection introduces all new menu themes like Cookies, Pies, Pasta and more! Num Noms mystery packs are full of surprises - Noms are now scented nail polish or flavored glitter lip gloss. Indulge in the scented fun and collect 120+ Num Noms featured in Series 4. Available at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart and Amazon.

What's your favorite character? 

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