Travel Safety Tips with Jarret Arthur

A month ago, we went on our first family vacation overseas. Our trip to Bali was a big deal and I can't wait to share more about the experience, so look for that post soon! 

Months before we left, I did what most people would do - create a Pinterest board filled with "things to do" and travel tips. One of my pins was "Bali Scams and How to Avoid them" and there's literally one of these post for every country that I highly suggest reading, to be well informed about your destination. Since this was our first trip to a foreign country with kids in tow, I wanted to learn more about travel safety, so I asked Jarret Arthur, co-founder of Jarret & Jennie Self-Defense, M.A.M.A (Mothers Against Malicious Acts) share a few tips to keep my family safe.

Watch what she has to say and read more about M.A.M.A. Self-Defense, here

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