Stop, Breathe & Think Kids, A Mindfullness App

There's a new app targeted for children ages 5-10 that I think every parent should download ASAP. Stop, Breathe & Think Kids is a free app featuring customized content and activities based on user emotions. Caiden, who's six years old, has been having a lot of fun using the app without realizing that it's providing tools for him to help develop mindfulness and emotional awareness. Parent win. After a long day of school Stop, Breathe & Think Kids also helps him relax his mind and body with breathing exercises through short video meditations. Download the app (available on Itunes here) and see the benefits for yourself. You'll love the easy & fun ways for your kid(s) to identify and process their emotions through emoji based check-ins, games, and stickers to reward their progress. 

The app is Co-founded by Jamie Price and Julie Campistron in collaboration with author of Mindful Games, Susan Kaiser Greenland. Parents, you can head over to Stop, Breathe & Think to take time for yourself and practice mindful breathing of your own. 

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