Dining with Nibble + Squeak

If you're a FOODIE like me, then you're gonna LOVE the concept behind Nibble + Squeak . Nibble + Squeak hosts food events in cities across the nation offering a unique dining experience for parents with pipsqueaks. They work with restaurants to create a comfortable environment for families by reserving private rooms with custom menus and providing baby essentials like high chairs, changing mats and stroller parking. You actually get to enjoy a "no stress" meal while mingling with other parents. But most importantly, no one will be giving you "that look" if your kids start to cry! 

Sounds amazing, right?!

A few weeks ago, Nibble + Squeak made its debut in Los Angeles and I got a chance to dine with my boys at one of my favorite restaurants, A.O.C.  It's been years since I've been there, so it was first time dining at their current space - they've relocated about four years ago. 

My boys and I had a great time dining with new friends! Each family received a swag bag filled with coloring pages to keep them busy and a few snacks from Plum Organics. There was also a photographer who documented the gathering. 

Our three-course meal started with a nice glass of wine, which I got to enjoy since my boys were busy playing with other kids. We enjoyed shared meals like the farmer's plate, Spanish fried chicken (highly recommend) and thanks to MommyNearest, kids EAT FREE! 

For more information and to find out when's the next Dining Event, visit www.nibbleandsqueak.com.

Their bellies were nice and full! 

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