CityMoms - Changing the Way We Play

When Caiden was in his toddler years, he loved going to his weekly structured play-activity. But now that I have two boys, who are five years apart, it's been harder to commit to one specific day/time for Ronan...and I feel so guilty. Plus, there's so much more activities and programs out there compared to six years's overwhelming!

A Magic Forest

When I got introduced to the CityMoms app, I knew it was going to be a game-changer. The app is free to download and it becomes a personalized search engine for you to discover the best local activities. You can search for daily activities, reserve your spot, and pay directly through the app. I was even able to book an hour before class started - awesome feature for busy parents! You can pay for individual activities a la carte or save money by subscribing to their membership program.

Art Zone

CityMoms also hosts FREE Welcome play dates - which is a great way to introduce you and your kid(s) to different activity options. The app has been a wonderful experience for me - it's convenient, easy to use, and we get to PLAY in different places throughout the city! 

If you're in the LA/OC area and want to try CityMoms, make sure to download the app and use my promo code happymess for 50% off your first month's membership! 

Baila Baila

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