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The other night, I attended a special screening of FOX's new show, The MICK. 
THE MICK is a no-holds-barred single-camera comedy that gives new meaning to the phrase “dysfunctional family" and it stars the very funny and talented, Kailin Olson. 
 In the comedy, she plays, Mackenzie aka “MICKEY” unapologetic degenerate, who suddenly finds herself stuck in affluent Greenwich, CT, raising her spoiled niece and nephews: Sabrina, an ambitious, 18-going-on-30-year-old who is a worthy adversary to Mickey; Chip, 13, an arrogant, entitled neo-con-in-the-making with an extremely punch-able face; and Ben, seven, an adorably fragile nerd.
It’s pretty much everything Mickey has never wanted. Regardless, she’s determined to rise to the occasion and transform these little monsters into honest, hard-working, decent members of society – something she knows absolutely nothing about.
Q&A with The Mick star, Kaitlin Olson
The show is hilarious! I found it refreshingly funny to watch someone who never expected to be a parent - all of the sudden having to raise, not 1, BUT 3 kids. As a mom, you strive to be the perfect parent (always wanting the best for your kids), so I'm excited watch how Mackenzie's character grows. 

During the Q&A with Kaitlin Olson, I learned that the show was originally intended to have a male lead - I'm so happy they changed that concept. 

You can watch The Mick on FOX, starting January 1st. at 8/7c on FOX, then it moves to its regular time slot at 8:30/7:30c on FOX starting Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

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Kaitlin Olson and The Mick creators  John Chernin + Dave Chernin

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post through SheKnows media. I attended a screening and Q&A. All opinions are my own.

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