DIY: Mini Mummy Pinata

Halloween is around the corner! 
We love this time of year, so I hope you enjoy this cute and easy DIY! 

What you'll need:
Paper Cups
White Crepe Paper Streamer
White Tissue Paper
Googly Eyes
Plastic Spider Ring

Fill you cup with Treats (very important).
Measure and cut enough tissue paper to cover the opening of the cup (this will be the bottom of your Pinata).
Cut a small hole in the center of your tissue and insert a string of twine through then tape it down. 
Tape the tissue onto your cup to seal the opening. 
Tie the end of the twine around the plastic spider ring. 
If your cup has color or print-wrap tissue paper around it to better conceal. 
Wrap your cup with the steamer in different directions (like a Mummy!) and seal with glue.
For the last wrap around, take the streamer and fold in half for contrast.
Add the Googly Eyes.
For the handle, hot glue the ends of your ribbon to the top of your Pinata. 

Enjoy and Have a Happy Halloween!! 

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