DIY Halloween Family Costumes: The Magic Life

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Okay, it's no secret that my family LOVES Halloween...and we love to wear matching themed costumes. This tradition started well before Danny and I were married, and now we get to do it with our party of 4! Last year's theme was "The Magic Life," with Caiden as the Magician, Ronan as the Bunny, Danny as the Ace of Spade, and me as the Magician's Assistant. I prefer to do Halloween, the DIY way, ONLY if time permits. Ha! But this theme was so easy and inexpensive to do, it literally was a last minute idea! Scroll down to find out how you can create this. 

I also love taking fun Halloween pictures of the kids and seeing them get into character! Background is so important, that's why we headed to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Culver City for a quick photo opp on Halloween.

To create your own "Magic Life" family costumes: 

The Magician
For Caiden's costume, I got the Magician hat and wand at our local 99 cents store (score). And since it was a hot day, he just wore a plain white shirt and black shorts. I purchased the cape, here.

The Bunny
For Ronan's, I already had the solid white top and footie bottoms and just glued pink felt that I hand cut into round shapes to create the belly and paws. I made the ears with a white wired fuzzy boa (purchased at my local craft store): cut, shape, glue pink felt for the center and glue onto a baby cap. For the tail: I glued a small piece of fluffy white boa to his bottom. 

The Ace of Space
2 large pieces of white foam for the front and back. Measure and cut two pieces elastic band and glue the ends to each side of the foam. Print, cut and glue the "A" and "Spades" for both sides. You can easily Google search the images!

The Assistant
I simply wore what I had: black dress, frilly headband, low black heels, and red lipstick! And because I was the Magician's Assistant,  I carried the BEST sweet little Bunny!

Hope this inspires you to create something fun (and matching) for Halloween! Can't wait to share this year's Family Costumes!

For other inspiring Family Costume Ideas, follow my Pinterest board, here. 

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