Keep COOL with NUBY

Who says bath toys NEED to stay in the bath tub? This Summer I've re-introduced Ronan (who's now 14 months old) to the swimming pool again and I've found that bringing out his bath toys into the pool is a great way to give him a sense of comfort and familiarity. 

He was given the NUBY Little Submarine bath toy to review and with its fun bright colors, its a winner! This interactive bath toy is Mommy approved because it's helping him develop hand-eye coordination and no batteries needed. There's an easy to pull string for his little hands so he can play independently. Just pull the propeller string and watch the submarine glide through the water! He also loves throwing the submarine to watch it float as he slowly makes his way to retrieve it. Ronan plays with it out of the water as well...on our wooden floors. And from what I've definitely glides faster on the floor compared to the water. BUT no complaints from him! Phew. 

How are you staying cool this Summer? Hope water is involved! 

You can find Nuby Little Submarine on Amazon or Enter to Win here! Good Luck! 

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