Finding Dory Cups

I think I'm more excited about Disney's Finding Dory than my boys! I cannot wait to take them to watch it this weekend at El Capitan Theather! We love watching Disney films there...they always have a fun show before the movie. It'll be Ronan's first movie, so crossing fingers my one year old will sit still and nap. 

I'm planning on celebrating the movie with a Brunch party, just like the one I did for Monster's University, here! Remember those Sulley cups? Well, I couldn't help it...I have to make this Dory Cups for the breakfast, too! And it's so easy. 

Navy Cups
Scrapbook papers (white, yellow, black)
Paper Punches or Scissors
Glue Stick
**you can use googly eyes, I only had small ones or else I would have used them!**

Cut two, white 1 1/2 circles and two, black 3/4 circles, and two yellow triangles.
Adhere the black circles to the white circles and glue to the upper middle part of the cup
Glue the triangle on each side of the cup, just below the eyes. Create a smile with the sharpie!  

Fill them up with goodies and Enjoy!!! 

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