Curl Keeper Review

I don't have curly hair, BUT...I have a hard-to-manage combination of straight, wavy hair AND lots of FRIZZ!  It takes a long time for me to get my hair perfectly styled, but with two kids, time is what I don't have. Pre-kids, I did the Japanese Yuko Hair Straightening which left my hair so straight and super easy to manage. Oh, how I miss those days! But I stopped when I was pregnant with Caiden and will never go back because of the chemicals used for the process. I wear hats ALL the time since my hair is too short to be in a bun. I actually cut my hair short hoping to force myself to style my hair more often...Fail! I needed to find products that will help make my hair be party perfect. :)

I received the Curl Keeper Cocktail Kit from Blue Eyed Entertainment and let's just say...I'm hooked! The Curl Keeper Cocktail Kits comes in a travel pouch and you get 3.4 fluid oz.of 
Curl Keeper Original, Curl Keeper Gel, and Curl Keeper Styling Cream. Cocktailing is the process of mixing different products together to achieve specific results. And since it's travel size and in a pouch-it was all I needed to take on our recent weekend trip to Santa Barbara. 

My daily "cocktail" combo has been the Curl Keeper Original + Curl Keeper Styling Cream. I love that the Curl Keeper Original is water-based because it means NO HEAVY BUILD UP. With my active boys always in tow...I can't have my hair weighing me down! It's easy to use, just apply to wet hair from roots to ends. If I don't have time to flat iron I use the Curl Keeper Styling Cream (while my hair is still wet) and I'm ready! 

Thanks again Blue Eyed Entertainment!

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