SoCal Moms "Great Big Family Play Day"

This past weekend was filled with fun, family-friendly events...and I'm still recovering! On Sunday, my Party of 4 attended SoCal Moms "Great Big Family Play Day" event at the Autry Museum. It was a great family day hosted by We got to listen to Live music (including one of my favorite artists growing-up, Lisa Loeb), craft, play, sample products, meet new shops and services...and this Mama got a much needed neck/shoulder massage from Berlin Wellness Group

There was so much to see and wonder the event lasts for more than 5 hours! I fueled up with Ice Cappuccino from Dolce Gusto and stayed hydrated with my favorite, WTRMLN WTR. Here are some highlights...

I became 15 again while listening to Lisa Loeb perform one of my favorite songs, Stay (I missed you). Watch the music video here (to relive the 90s). I'm bummed I didn't get to meet her...I had a hungry baby with me. Hope she'll be back next year! 

Do your kids love The Beat Buds like mine do? I think its cute that my boys have a favorite band. We have their CDs  in the car because it's the ONLY thing that'll stop Ronan from crying. He'll cry and scream but once the music starts...he instantly stops. It's amazing...and we always thank them!

Caiden loves crafting and the Art Bus was one very cool way to get creative! Seriously, how cool is this? AND we love going inside the Yoobi Bus to work on a fun craft! Did you know, with every Yoobi purchase, Yoobi donates an item to a classroom in need. That's why we're BIG fans of the brand. 

Check out Ronan on a surf board! Sandbox Fitness is a studio with a 600 square foot indoor sandbox. Its to provide the ultimate intense workout while remaining gentle on your joints. Sounds pretty cool, right? ..thinking of trying it day...

Thank you again and CityMoms for having us! It was great day of family fun while checking out what's new! It was also great seeing some our favorites...Mommy Nearest, MomAngeles, Camp Wildfolk, Seedling...just to name a few! And thank you  Micro Kickboard...they gave away helmets (which we needed) to the first 500 people!! 

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