Legoland California's #NinjagoWorld

Ninjago World is officially open today at Legoland, CA
and last week we got to attend their Media Preview! 

It's located near the park's entrance, so you can conveniently enjoy your Ninja training when you first come in or before you leave. But it's so much're gonna want to start & end your day mastering your Ninja moves! 

The Opening Ceremony is something my boys and I won't forget! Legoland truly knows how to put on a show. They had amazing Taiko drummers set the tone as Sensei Wu introduced the 4 ninjas that are based on the elements: Fire, Lightening, Earth, and Ice. They amazed the crowd (especially the kids) with some serious Ninja moves! 

Check out my video of the Taiko drummers on Instagram, HERE!  

We also got to sample Asian street food from their new eatery, Ninja Kitchen. They offer Bahn Mi (which is my favorite) and it was on point! The steamed Bao Buns with crispy pork were pretty good, too. For now on...this will be my dinning spot! There's also a new retail outlet, Wu's Warehouse so guests of all ages can shop after the ride. :)

NinjagoWorld features five attractions all designed to test guests balance, agility, speed and creativity: Zane's Temple Build, Kai's Spiiners, Cole's Rock Climb, Jay's Lightning Drill and NINJAGO The Ride!

My boys had a lot of fun on NINJAGO The Ride! The ride is open to everyone as long as guests are able to sit by themselves. Ronan sat between me and Caiden and was a little scared at first...but he was fine after a few seconds. The Ride enables guests to demonstrate ninja skills by simply using their hands instead of a hand-held device. Caiden and I got a really good arm workout!! Up to four guests sit in each ride vehicle and are guided through 13 different scenes. The ride starts with instructions from Master Wu and then we were ready to battle together! 

Thank you again Legoland and Master Wu! 
We had the perfect day!! 

For more information about Ninjago World, click HERE

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