Drinking with Nuby || Review + Giveaway

Ronan loves drinking water (thank goodness)...so luckily his transition to Sippy Cups has been easy for me. It does help that he sees his big brother always drinking and he clearly wants to be just like him. :)

I only had 2 sippy cups for Ronan, so thankfully Nuby asked me to review their new cups for them. When it comes to cups, the more the merrier! 

1st. Sipeez Designer Grip n' Sip

First, I love how these sippy cups come in packs of 2. Ronan likes to throw his cup when he's done and based on experience...I know I'm gonna lose a few, so buying in packs is best. Also, my baby finds it hilarious to shake his cups, so with the other brands, I find puddles and trails of water everywhere. But, with Nuby's 1st. Sipeez Designer Grip N' Sip, the liquid only passes through the spout when your child sips. Yay! 
The No-Spill silicone spout is so easy to clean and with their Clik-It Technology, you hear the "click" to know the base is locked to the lid. Both so helpful when you've got two kids screaming for you! You can now find these at Babies R' Us stores. 

Clik-it Flip n' Sip with New 360 Weighted Straw Cup

This is my favorite cup...and I think it's also Ronan's! It's the perfect cup to take on-the-go because it holds 8 oz of water and the flip top keeps the straw clean. Since he's learning to drink from a straw, the New 360 weighted straw allows him to drink from any angle and that's awesome when the water is low...he's able to drink it all without tilting his head back! The cup also has the "click" sound, so no leaks...and with the No-Spill Soft Silicone Straw, no spills! 

Want to Win a cup? 

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