Gas that doesn't stink!

Anyone else hate going to the gas station, like me? I'm so bad...I wait till the last drop before I fuel-up. My husband reminds me that he had to rescue me years ago (while we were dating) because my car had zero gas. Luckily I was still at our garage, but he had to run out and buy a gas can. Sure we were both late to work and I learned my lesson!
However, with 2's become harder! The slow-moving LA traffic already makes it hard with a baby in tow and I dread when I see the "low fuel" flashing, because that means, I need to stop and get gas. Between picking-up Caiden from school, running errands, going to auditions, and driving to the kids' extra-curricular activities...when do I actually have time to stop?

But now, there's a new helpful solution! Busy Los Angeles parents can order gas to be delivered and pumped in their vehicle, at their convenience. With the new app, Purple, you can get gas during a time and place that works best for your schedule. The hassle and time saved for busy stay-at-home moms, working moms, and families in general, is life-changing.

The Purple app allows users to choose the type of fuel, the amount they want, and the time frame they need it in. There is no need to be present while gas is being pumped! Also, there is no delivery fee for a 3 hour window, and gas prices are the same as local gas stations, which are all provided by Top Tier gas. Purple was founded by two Los Angeles dads who understand that time wasted at the gas station, is time away from being with family.  

On top of the major convenience benefits, this gas service offers: 
Less exposure to germs - gas pump handles top the list of filthiest public surfaces! The 5 minutes filling up, is more than enough time to pick up nasty cold and flu germs. Especially with children, no thanks! 
Less exposure to chemicals- gas fumes contaminate the air up to 300 feet away with potential health hazards such as airborne benzene and hexane. Not something we want our little ones to breathe in.
Decreased time spent in unsafe environments - gas stations are notorious for crime, and their unique setting allows thieves to catch their victims by surprise.

The app uses geolocation to match users with nearby gas or service stations that participate in the program. Prices for fuel are in line with the area average.

Want to give Purple a try? 
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More information about Purple is available at

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