Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles || Birthday Party

I am finally sharing Caiden's TMNT birthday party! We celebrated his 5th. birthday back in September and with the new baby, life got hectic and this post got pushed aside. 

Caiden's been planning this special day immediately after we celebrated his 4th. birthday (I'll be sharing those pics soon). I was surprised that his idea for a TMNT theme didn't change at all for the entire year. He is obsessed with those Ninja Turtles (still) and he loves Raphael! Not gonna lie, but I was trying to convince him to have a Magic themed birthday. 

Since Ronan was due in May, I wanted to keep this party as easy and simple as possible. I didn't know how long my recovery was going to last, so I didn't get too crafty for this party. I literally bought stuff, and if you've been following me, then you know I'm not a big fan of licensed themes. 

My son did me a favor, because I was too exhausted with the baby. I practically bought everything online. I ordered the "brick" backdrop and 8" Pizza boxes + Pizza Gummy candies for the party favors from Amazon. And I got all my party decorations and needs from Target and Party City. So easy! 

I did manage to make individual Banana pudding cups and Mutant Ooze (green jello). And this year we didn't have a Birthday cake (per Caiden's request), instead, we had 
D O N U T S! I ordered customized donuts from California Donuts...both the Pizza and TMNT donuts were a HUGH hit! 

I served Pizza (duh!) and my mom made 3 kinds of salads and appetizers...wish I took pics of it!

The party was a lot of fun for both kids and adults. I loved how easy it was to have his party at Pamper & Play! I usually have it at a recreation center but between the heat wave and the newborn baby...I needed the party to be effortless. Thank you Pamper & Play! If you're in LA, you need to check them out. They also offer supervised play while you relax or do a little work (free Wifi) upstairs in the Parent's lounge. 

I also manged to make this Welcome sign! Go Me! 
We surprised Caiden with two of his favorite Turtles...Rafael and Leonardo. This was my first time hiring any kind of entertainment...so I took the time and researched for the BEST looking characters! I found them from Amazing Party Characters and Caiden loved every second of it!

I found these old-school TMNT free printables online and attached them to the tissue fans.

His Uncle ordered his customized shirt from Etsy. 

I loved how Ronan got to help celebrate his big brother's birthday! Thank you Leah Minium, for capturing the party. Caiden is already planning his 6th.birthday, but first...it's Ronan's special day in May!

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