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If you've been following me on social media, then you probably know that my baby, Ronan, is a brand ambassador for Bambo Nature. This is not a sponsored post nor did they ask me to write a review. I truly believe-before I represent a brand/product, I have to love it enough to be able to spread the word! 

Since Ronan is my second, I'm a diaper expert...meaning, I've dealt with it all before, from leaks, blow-outs, swaddle diapers, training diapers, swim diapers, 12-hour dry, etc...etc. I've tested a lot of diaper brands with my first born, but never cloth diapers. 

With our active lifestyle, here's why Ronan is a #BamboBaby...

  • Comfort. Bambo Nature diapers are so soft (inside and out) and BREATHABLE. These features helped out a lot during the heat-wave we had.  
  • Absorbency. These diapers are so thin (perfect for travel+long car drives), yet they absorb...haven't had an issue with leaks.
  • Fit. It's light-weight and flexible for my active crawler (who's now trying to walk). Bambo Nature diapers are on the long side, which goes higher in the back, and that means...NO BLOWOUTS! ...everything is kept inside. :)
  • No Chemicals.No Perfumes.Eco-Friendly. It's a Win for me because Ronan has never gotten a rash! Plus, these diapers are biodegradable and uses sustainable resources. 

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