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I've been a fan of the beautiful moccasins by Freshly Picked since Caiden was young. But he was already walking/running when I learned about them, so I never got him a pair-I felt he had already passed the soft-soled shoes stage. Now that I have Ronan, you can image how excited I was about getting him a pair. I got his first pair on sale at Nordstrom (score!) but unfortunately he never wore them because of the crazy heat wave we had here in LA...I couldn't put baby in suede shoes! I did get him another pair for a wedding we attended. Since both Caiden and Danny (my husband) were in it-I wanted the baby to be extra fancy, after all, it was his first wedding. I definitely went up a size and got him a size can see how big they were on him. But at $60, I wanted a pair that'll last for some time. I loved how they stayed on him, considering the size. He wasn't crawling (just yet) so it worked out. 

Freshly Picked moccasins are handmade with 100% leather, they're super soft and they offer a variety of colors and fun designs. You definitely feel the quality in these shoes. That's why I'm so excited to be collaborating with them this quarter. If you've never checked them out...go here

They sent me a pair to review and I chose Fleet Week in a size 3. They fit perfectly on my little guy. Now that he's crawling and being a lot more active...I got the chance to really test how well these shoes will hold up. 

With our active lifestyle, these shoes are a win for us! I've bought Caiden other soft-soled shoe brands and they would slip off the moment he crawled...but not these moccasins for Ronan. We've gone to theme parks, road trips...even ball pits...still on his feet. :)

Want to try a pair for your child? 
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