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As a mom of 2 boys (7 month old + 5 year old) with a husband who lives an active lifestyle, our place is constantly messy, and let's be stinks as well. Add an indoor cat in the mix and you know, this Mommy is in desperate need of something that'll help me and my home!

I try really hard to only use products that are Natural and don't contain a lot of harsh chemicals. So you can say that I was pretty excited when I was introduced to Fresh Wave while attending Club MomMe's Fall Family Fest back in November. 

The lovely ladies of Fresh Wave gave me these products to try out and I love it! These odor removing products are made with Essential plant oils and are non-toxic/non-hazardous. Safe for people, pets and the Planet! Win.Win.

I place the gel near my cat's litter box and I use the small odor removing packs in my car, trash cans, shoe closet and my husband's gym bag (both products good for up to 60 days). I love using the spray around the house, especially right before guests come over. I know I can't hide the mess...but at least my home is odor free! My nose is happy. :)

These Fresh Wave products make a great hostess gift...along with a bottle of wine, of course. 

You can find Fresh Wave at Target (bonus for me)! 
For more information about Fresh Wave, check here.

Disclosure: I received complimentary products and was never asked to write a review. This review is based strictly on my opinion. No type of compensation was received for this review. 

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