Snow Globes

I love creating memorable gifts for my family. 
And these DIY Snow Globes make the perfect gift to give. I made some with water and some without. 
The DIY Snow Globe Jars from Oriental Trading Company 
are the perfect size and shape for both versions! 

They are so fun and easy to make...your kids are gonna wanna join in on the fun!


Photo Snow Globe
Picture (laminated or use packaging tape-like I did)
Distilled Water
Baby Oil
Waterproof glue like Epoxy
Optional: Spray Paint 

Spray paint your lid (optional), dry and then glue your photo to the inside of the lids. Fill your jar with water, add a drop of oil to make the glitter float down slower (make sure it's not too much to avoid clumps) and sprinkle with glitter. Once your photo is secured and the glue is dried-screw the lid back on, carefully. 

 Water-less Snow Globe
Mini Figurines
Artificial Snow
Optional: Spray Paint 

Spray paint your lid (optional), dry and then glue your figurines to the inside of the lids. Fill the jar with a little snow and then screw the lid back on, carefully.

I found that the clear favor boxes from OTC are the perfect size to display your gift. Add a little snow and tie some twine or ribbon around it...done! 

Just make sure you hold the box from the bottom because of the weight of the Snow Globe.

Disclaimer: This review is based strictly on my opinion. Others may have a different opinion or experience with the products listed above. I was provided free products from Oriental Trading Company for review and provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was received for this review. 

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