KId-Friendly Menorah

This easy kid-friendly magnetic Menorah will get kids excited to help "light" the candles for Hanukkah!
 ...I know Caiden will be, especially since I put them in its 
own special "OY" bag. 

Yellow Felt
Foam Menorah (buy or make it!)
Magnetic strips with adhesive 
Optional: Muslin bag+stickers

I opted to buy colored clothespins. 
Since having Ronan...the thought of Caiden painting 9 pins in different colors scared me-the less mess, the better!
I hand cut flames with the yellow felt,then glued them to the top part of the clothespin and attached each one with a magnetic strip in the back.

I luckily had the foam Menorah from Caiden's Hanukkah craft bin that I got years ago at Target. If you don't have it-make one out of foam,felt, even cardstock! I just put a strip of magnet in the back and it was done. 

I got the bag from Michaels and added foam stickers, unfortunately the word Hanukkah didn't fit very well since it's a small bag, so I went with the next best thing: 

Each night Caiden will be able to add a candle to his own Menorah that will be kept on the frig! 

Happy Hanukkah! 

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