Mixed Me! {Mixed Us!}

A couple of weeks ago, Ronan (my little one) and I attended a #MultiCultiMixer event at Kidville in Brentwood, CA. It was hosted by Sonia Smith-Kang of Mixed Up Clothing 
and it included a panel discussion about raising multi-racial/cultural children, an adorable fashion show, and a reading of Taye Diggs' new book, 
Mixed Me! ...by the author himself! 

My boys and I love reading this book! 
It's beautifully written-lighthearted and fun with a message of self-acceptance to embrace diversity. 


Since both my husband (who's mixed Peruvian/Russian) and I were born and raised in LA, we grew-up exposed to this city's huge melting-pot and its rich diverse culture...so it's refreshing to see it expand into a Children's literature. 
My older son,Caiden has questioned why Daddy has blue eyes and he has brown ones...which I find cute because, although he sees a difference, he still says he and his dad are TWINS!

Mixed Me! is a great book for my family since both boys can relate to Mike and see that...

"We mixed you perfectly, and got you just right!"
-Mixed Me!

Thank you again Sonia for having us!

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