Halloween "Kick-Off" Party

We had an early start on celebrating one of favorite times of the year.
It was the last weekend of September and we celebrated at a park while several soccer games were going on. 
Did people stare? Yes.
But did we care?  No
...it was our only time to get together 
with my best friend Taryn of Petite & Sweet Treats.

The kids had a great time munching on sweet treats while decorating pumpkins.

It was the perfect way to kick-off 

Our dessert table included cupcakes Ghouly cupcakes, caramel apples, candy corn cookies, 
whoopie pie spiders, pumpkin spiced loaves, candy and marshmallows. 

Activites included a Bubble Station 
I put 2 wooden crates stacked together and covered with burlap fabric (covered with spiders)
from JoAnn's.
The frame was from Target and I left the sheet it came with...the text was perfect,
"Take One if you Dare."
I put homemade bubble solution, recipe here
in Witches' Cauldrons.
The kids loved this idea!!!

The craft table included 
mini pumpkins for guests to decorate and wooden bats that I attachted magnets to.

The ghostly centerpiece was made by covering a styrofoam ball with layers of white tissue paper and attaching to a wooden dowel and placing it in a white tin. The eyes and mouth were card stock cut outs.

Party Planner: Project: Party Perfect
Photos: Leah Minium
(except the craft table...but you can tell)

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