DIY Monsters

Photo via Pretty My Party

Photo via Pretty My Party

Have you seen the wildly fun, Halloween Monster Bash over at Pretty My Party? Well, I contributed to that party and I'm finally getting the chance to share my Easy DIY Monsters! 

Monster #1

Cereal Box
Wrapping Paper
Crepe Paper Streamer
Double-Sided Tape
Scissors/Craft punch circles
Card Stock

Cover the cereal box with wrapping paper. Try to match the color of the wrapping paper to the crepe paper streamer. 
Run double-sided tape down the middle of the backside of your box.
Take your crepe paper and measure the circumference of the box and use that as your measuring guide to cut the rest of your strips.
Once you've cut your strips and fringed them, start from the bottom of your box and work your way up.
Make the eye with a large white circle cut-out and a small black circle cut-out, then glue together. Cut small triangles to make the teeth and a black strip for the mouth. 
Cut out different shapes from your felt to create horns and a crown. 
Glue your pieces to the box and enjoy your Monster! 
...Think it also makes a cute pinata! 

Monster #2

1 large Smooth Foam Ball
3 mini Foam Balls
Marabou Boa
3 Toothpicks
Dowel rod
Card Stock
Hot Glue
Paint (optional)- for the wooden dowel


Insert the wooden dowel to the bottom center of your large foam ball.
Glue the Marabou Boa, starting from the middle and work your way around till its completely covered.
Glue small black circle cut-outs to the mini foam balls and insert them to the top of the your monster using a toothpick.
Cut a strip of black card stock and small white triangles for the mouth, then glue to your Monster.


And check-out the rest of the Monster Bash Party over at Pretty My Party!

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