{Guest Post} Summer Glow Party Ideas

Project: Party Perfect is excited to have it's first guest post on the blog today...even more excited that it's from Julie Adams at Oriental Trading Company! 

Loving all these ideas for a Glow Party...
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to find hundreds of fun ideas for holidays, birthdays and special events. 

Summer Glow Party Ideas

Glow-in-the-dark party supplies are on everyone's wish list this summer. Glow jewelry and other party favors, as well as decorations made with glow sticks, make every summer party feel like a special event. 

Decorating Tables with Glow Sticks
Place a glow bracelet at the bottom of an opaque plastic cup then place a clear plastic cup inside to serve extra festive party beverages. Glow tubes in your event's colors can also double as bases for centerpieces and party favors. 

Using Glow Sticks in Games
Party games are even more fun when they glow in the dark. Liven up all your summer gatherings with glow stick games for kids of all ages. Play tag with glow sticks attached to waistbands, or attach a glow stick to each player's disc for a game of backyard disc golf. Use glow necklaces as the rings for a glow-in-the-dark night time version of the classic ring toss game.

Outdoor Lighting with Glow Sticks
Hang water balloons filled with glow sticks from the ceiling for the perfect party lighting.  Welcome guests and create a lighted path with words made from glow stick letters.  Create a DIY glow stick chandelier using embroidery hoops, clear fishing line and plenty of colorful glow sticks for a uniquely beautiful and functional decoration.

Glowing Party Favors
Want party favors that get glowing reviews? Glow jewelry is perfect for starting conversations and adding energy to the atmosphere. Finger beams will get the party going and their digits glowing, while eyeglasses that glow in the dark are sure to be a hit with kids and grown-ups alike. From glow tubes to glowing swords, find your online at Oriental Trading

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