{DIY} Succulant Planter

OK...I'm no GREEN THUMB here 
but I wanted to share how easy it is to make a succulant planter. 
Succulants are the perfect plants for a brown thumb like me...
it's easy to maintain
just give them lots of sunlight and water once a week. 

I was inspired to make this for a gift after watching 
If you're not following her, you should be now! 

Wooden Box 
Gravel (I used fish tank gravel)
Cactus Mix Soil
Variety of Succulents
River Rocks

I got this wooden box set from Michael's 
On sale + Coupon = Score! 

I decoupaged the front and back of the box with scrapbook paper 
and painted the sides white.

Since it's a wooden box and has no holes for water to drain 
I covered the bottom with gravel, 
succulent roots don't like to sit in water.  

Fill the box with Cactus Soil Mix about an 1"-2" below the planter.
Since my box has handles, I had to fill it lower.

Plant your succulents and cover top soil 
with river rocks. 

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