Disney's Buzz Lightyear Silhouette on Canvas

I LOVE how Silhouette Art can easily add some fun to your home...
especially if you DIY! 
You can create a silhouette art of (just about) anything and paint with bold colors, stripes, polkadots, etc...

With Caiden's love for Buzz Lightyear, I created this Easy DIY for his room. 
I got the idea after printing out a Free Coloring Page for him. It was a single image of Buzz to color, perfect size and most importantly the perfect silhouette of him! 

Google your child's favorite character's coloring page and 
make sure to pick one that has an easy silhouette to cut out.
They'll love it! 

Coloring Page
Vinyl Sheet
Foam Roll or Brush (I used both)
Pencil or Pen
Acrylic Sealer (I used Krylon's Crystal Clear)

Step 1
Cut out your Character once you've found the perfect FREE Coloring page

Step 2
Trace the Character (right side down) onto the back of the Vinyl Sheet and Cut

Step 3
Once you've decided on its placement, peel-off the adhesive backing and stick onto your Canvas (make sure to firmly press...don't want any paint to seep through)

Step 4
Paint your Canvas (I gave about 3 coats)

Step 5
Once Dry, carefully peel-off the silhouette and spray the canvas with Sealer

Have Fun...this also makes a great gift! 

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