DIY Mini Sombrero Pinata

Cinco de Mayo is this Sunday and I wanted to share this Easy DIY
...a perfect favor to any Fiesta! 

What you'll Need: 
crepe paper 
tissue paper or napkin
paper cup
paper dessert plate

craft knife
fringe scissors (if you have it or just use regular scissors to create fringe)

1) Create a hole on you paper plate by tracing the bottom of the cup and cut with your craft knife
2) Cover your hole with tissue paper
3) Cut the outer rim of the plate
4) Fill your cup with Candy
5) Center your cup onto the plate and tape the edges down

6) Cut strips of 1 1/2" crepe paper and fringe 3/4 of the way
Starting from the bottom of your hat 
7) Glue and start covering the outer rim (I didn't fringe the rest of the bottom, just took 1" strips to cover)
8) Work your way upward to completely cover the plate and cup

**You'll notice that I placed the Fringe upwards towards the top of my cup**

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Have a Fun and Safe Weekend! 

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