Gender Reveal Party {Pink or Blue}

One of the biggest party trends are Gender Reveal parties...and I love it! 

What a great way to find out if you're having a boy or girl (or both) 
together with family and close friends.

It's a special moment 
and I was honored that my friend, Jen asked me to help put this together. 

She wanted a "Pink or Blue" themed party and I was allowed the creative freedom...Woohoo
so I added Gold and had some fun...

Here are some pictures and details of the party

How awesome is that "Forever Young" sign? It was a wedding gift made by a friend of theirs...
Young is their last name :)

It was the perfect setting for the Dessert table 
and I had them put their baby pictures up on the mantle.  

The icing in the cake was going to let them know if they're having a Boy or Girl. 
To do this "reveal" have your doctor seal a note of the gender in an envelope and give it to the baker and they'll either make the icing inside blue or pink. 

I loved how Jen highlighted the "HE" and "SHE" on the Hershey bars! 

Guests had a fun way to show what they thought the Youngs were going to have.

I made Blue bow-ties and Pink hair-bows for them to wear!  

Marking your answer on a chalkboard is a great way to see which gender had the most vote. 
(Both Caiden and I thought they were having a Girl.)


Blue or Pink were also in the drinks :)

How perfect are these drinks for a Gender Reveal Party?! 

Prosecco & Rock Candy Cocktails
pour Brut Prosecco into a Champagne glass and garnish with a rock candy 
and watch the color change! 

 Congratulations again,  Jen and Justin...cannot wait to meet your little

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  1. Suzie, thank you so much for everything!!!! Our party was PERFECT thanks to you! I can't wait for Madison's first Birthday, yes, I have already recruited you! ;)
    Love you! xo


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