DIY Maracas

If you're like me...
then you probably still have those plastic Easter Eggs all over your home. 
I like to keep them for next year but 

with Cinco de Mayo around the corner...

I turned a couple of eggs into Maracas for Caiden to play with! 
He loves them and I'm surprised we've had these for more than a week already. 

Here's how to make your own Toddler-Tested (and survived) Maracas

What you'll Need:
2 Plastic Eggs, Jumbo Paper Straws (got them at Target), Rice or Beans, Crepe Paper Streamer

Tape, Hot Glue, Mod Podge, Brush, Scissors 


Fill your Eggs with rice (or beans)...I filled them up with about a teaspoon 
Tape the center of the Egg to seal
Cut the straw in half (so you have one for each egg)
Hot Glue the straw to the center bottom of your egg, for added security use tape as well (once the glue dries)
Brush Mod Podge all over your Egg and add strips of Crepe paper to cover 
Add glue to smooth out the paper and if it tears, just add another layer of crepe paper

Once it's dry, add another layer of glue. 

Have fun! 

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