Make Cheer Wands

Super Bowl  is this Sunday and we're having a few friends come by...
so I wanted to make something for us our toddlers to cheer with!

 I first attempted to make cheerleader pom poms using paper straws..but FAILED. 
But these Cheer Wands or Ribbon Wands worked...woo hoo! 
Love saving money by using materials I already have (big smile).

Here's how to make them...

What you need:
Curling Ribbon (in your team's color)
Washi tape (decorative tape)
Paper straws (in your team's color)

1. Cut 12" ribbons and make a total of 12 strands (if you're using 2 colors make 6 ea.)

2. Gather and stack the ribbons together and fold in half (don't worry if it's uneven)

3. Insert about an inch of the folded point into your straw and staple vertically

4. Wrap the stapled part of the straw with Washi tape to keep little (and big) fingers safe.
5. Curl some or all of the decide...

Ta Da!!! 

You've got a Cheer Wand for Super Bowl!!!

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