Decoupage Photo Vase

I've been crafting this whole weekend...which means I haven't had a chance to clean. 

Oh well...

With Valentine's Day around the corner, 
I want to share this DIY project that I think is a perfect way to display,


I made a Photo Vase
 with favorite pics of my little family of 3.

and here's how: 

I've been saving up Trader Joe's coffee tins for awhile now...think it's the perfect size and shape.

coffee tin//white craft paint/foam brushes (2)/Mod-Podge/Scissors 

  • First, I gave the coffee tin 2 coats of paint and waited 24 hrs. to dry.
  • Next, I printed photos in black and white (to make it more uniform) on card stock...cut

  • Then, using a foam brush apply a layer of Mod-podge on the back of each photo and strategically place them all over the vase.
  • After all the photos are in place,  paint a layer of Mod-Podge all over the vase.
  • Let dry than apply another layer. I applied a total of 4 layers. 
  • Carefully add your water and flower. It does help to place a smaller vase inside to keep this vase dry! 

Hope this inspired you to create your own 
Photo Vase! 

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