Decoupage Egg Carton

I love how easy it is to decoupage...I've watched Marta Stewart use this technique on her show and I figured I might as well try it for Easter! It's an easy and inexpensive way to personalize and make it unique. 
For this project...I saved a couple of egg cartons, picked up some craft paper, white craft paint (I painted the entire carton to conceal the writing) and Mod Podge from Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts
This was my first time working with Mod Podge and I didn't know how strong the fumes make sure to work in a well ventilated environment and keep your kids far away! Luckily Caiden was asleep when I did this. 
Here are images of the egg carton I made for Caiden's best bud, Max. I filled the carton with egg-shaped chalks and plastic eggs filled with healthy snacks.

photos by Project: Party Perfect

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