Orange+Aqua Baby Shower

This past weekend I co-hosted my first baby shower at my place. The mom-to-be wants the baby's gender to be a surprise so I created an orange and aqua/blue theme. The party was so much fun and most importantly the guest of honor was very happy. :)

The beautiful invitation was purchased here...we removed the birds and changed the wording. It looked perfect in my Ikea frame!

I made my tissue paper pom-poms in orange and blue to cover my ceiling fan (well-attempted to cover it, the wings were still peaking out. 

Love going through the $1 aisle at Target-found these cute white tins!

Party Tip:
My red velvet cake pops were displayed on a DIY cake stand. I purchased candlestick holders and white plates from the Dollar Tree store and just glued them together! I used an ice cream glass for the taller stand. Total cost for 3 cake stands: $6!!

Mango Mousse Cake from Porto's.
Turkey Sliders

Party Tip:
My new favorite baby shower game: Diaper Designer! All you need is toilet paper, get teams of 2s, (1 is the model and the other is the designer) and they have 3 mins. to design the best diaper. The winner is chosen by the mom-to-be. This game is the perfect ice-breaker!

Pasta Salad
Fruit Salad
Cucumber and Chicken Salad Sandwiches
All my candles were in recycled baby food jars!

The favors were recycled baby food jars filled with bath salts. I purchased fabric from Jo-Anne Fabrics and cut 4"x 4" sq. and hot glued them onto the lids and tied with ribbon.

photos by Burat Cohen and Leah Minium 

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  1. Great job! I love that color of my favorites!


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